Time to prepare for your Country by Country filing

10 September, 2021

CBC Reporting

CbC reporting has been running for some years, and you have probably implemented a CbC process to help you collect and produce the XML file.

Now you may want to refine your process to improve control, make the process more efficient and increase the analysis. Improving your process may be important since the tax authorities have had time to develop tools to analyze your figures to look for potential risks using the OECD Handbook on effective tax risk assessment. In addition, the EU is likely to introduce Public CbC reporting. These developments put more pressure on multinationals to be in control of their data and to be able to analyze it properly.

Blika has developed a CbC solution in our tax & legal platform, giving you control of the entire CbC process. A few examples of what Blika can help you to improve:

  • Data collection – Automation possibilities and a future proof solution should local GAAP figures be required in the future
  • Get control over the entire process from collection, analysis to local XML creation. Filing CbC data over multiple years results in large quantities of data that must be tracked and secured over time.
  • Data corrections – Automatically create a corrected XML file according to the specifications
  • Advanced analysis possibilities including graphs and charts

We would be happy to present how our solution could help your work, both with CbC reporting and as a larger platform for automating many tasks.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at sales@blika.com .