Legal entity management

The DAC 6 start date is approaching – here’s how to move forward

10 February, 2020


Tax authorities are now rolling out mandatory disclosure, DAC 6, and developing filing solutions. Multinationals and intermediaries are putting in place processes to handle DAC 6 as well. Our experience from implementing DAC 6 processes and solutions at multinationals, intermediaries and working with tax authorities is that DAC 6 is a complex area with many uncertainties. It can be hard to identify what arrangements occur within large enterprises. That is something every large enterprise and multinational companies needed to keep track of going forward.


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Our experience is that customers, when having reviewed all transactions that have taken place since June 25th, 2018, will get a good understanding of typical arrangements. These arrangements can serve as a base for DAC 6 monitoring going forward. Furthermore, co-workers at subsidiaries seldom have the knowledge to effectively work with DAC 6 and need a lot of support and practical processes in order to identify and file arrangements on time. Therefore, the central tax department must be involved and provide support on an ongoing basis.


We at Blika have written a number of in-depth articles that provide a good understanding of the challenges with DAC 6 and is an aid for the internal work.


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