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Tax management

Digitalization of the tax department

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What it's all about


The challenge

If you are responsible for taxes in a multinational group, you will most certainly have thought about how a tax technology solution could support your tax function.


Take control

The basis is to support automation of data gathering in your organization in secure and efficient workflows and with full control of what every reporting person should perform on a timely basis.


Stay in control

You must be able to analyze the information in tables, reports and in an efficient analysis tool, regarding both current and historical data. Flexibility is key since a solution must handle processes that are centralized or decentralized.

The first steps to automation

First you need to be in control of your legal entity structure and related entity information, since all the tax processes you need to manage require this information as a base. Thus, it is important to be in control of how it changes over time as questions potentially arise several years after the filing process has been completed.

With this as a starting point you can utilize automation in the different processes. Our solution is developed to solve these challenges and to provide system support for a number of other compliance processes as well as the digitalization of the tax department in a very user friendly and modern way.

Our solution

Tax management – The quality and accessibility of data

The importance of consolidating your technology solutions

Our solution – scalable and easy to use

With our solution you can start with a simple first version and easily scale up as your needs increase or when you would like to move ahead with the digitalization of your department. If you have implemented one module, it makes it easy to add additional modules or to integrate with other systems in your group via our API, Excel or other integration possibilities.

The Blika solution in 4 steps


Processes managed

All modules in our solution are integrated with each other through the platform and exchange relevant information for different processes. This means that you can manage the following areas:

  • Keeping track of your legal structure and entity related data.
  • Keeping track of your tax risks and Ifric 23 information.
  • Keeping track of Country by country reporting.
  • Keeping track of your transfer pricing transactions and documentation.
  • Keeping track of your filing requirements.
  • Keeping track of your mandatory disclosure tax regimes.
  • Collecting data for ad hoc processes.

How do we ensure that the solution always contains best practice in line with new and changing regulations?
Since we work in close cooperation with our customers and the regulators, we make sure that the solution always contains best practice and meets new demands.


Setting up processes

When you have decided what processes are appropriate to automate you must:

  • Decide what data to collect and the process workflow.
  • Appoint responsible persons for the process.
  • Ensure that co-workers fulfill their different tasks on time and with high quality, and document, analyze and report information.

We support you in deciding:

  • What data you need to collect.
  • What processes you need to have in place.
  • How to set up your reporting structure and access most efficiently.

If you have implemented the solution you can easily add a module which automatically will be structured around the existing legal entities. In addition, you may want to reuse existing roles and responsibilities that have already been set up in other modules, which minimizes your administration. Information that has already been collected and structured in one module will be linked to other modules in order to avoid double entry of data and increase quality.


Implementing the solution

We support you in migrating all your existing information into the solution and adding users and a reporting structure with clear roles and responsibilities. If necessary, we customize the solution to fit your requirements and integrate it with other systems. When you start using the system, all data and user information is already in place – you can start working with the solution immediately. We also train your personnel to manage the solution.


Running the solution efficiently

We are always available for discussions on how to make the solution work efficiently in your environment. This means that you have access to 30+ years’ worth of in-depth knowledge around how multinational groups solve their data collection and compliance issues.

You will have access to our user support to ensure that your personnel can fulfill their reporting duties.
Since many multinationals have busy head office functions with limited resources and short deadlines, we can provide staffing services on a regular basis.

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