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Palantir partners up with Affärsvärlden CFO Executive Day

2 October, 2013

Symposium / Trade Show

Palantir will exhibit our product range at the Affärsvärlden CFO Executive Day at Berns salonger in Stockholm on November 13. The event covers many topics which a CFO faces today and gives the participants excellent networking opportunities. The speaker panel includes people such as Robert Bergqvist – SEB, Carl-Viggo Östlund – SBAB, Thomas Berglund – Capio, Göran Bronner – Swedbank and many more.

Ulf Lilja, the CEO of Palantir, commented:

Participating at the Affärsvärlden CFO Executive Day is an excellent opportunity for us to meet potential customers and decision makers in many interesting companies. We hope to make as many people as possible aware of our efficient and flexible products which could serve as important tools for decision makers to swiftly find the information they require in their daily work.