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Palantir releases CbC Analytics tool

24 October, 2016

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Cbc Analytics: ETR vs. Statutory Tax Rate

Palantir is releasing our new Transfer Pricing and CbC Analytics tool today. This new tool is an add-on to our Transfer Pricing and BEPS Action Point 13 reporting solution and will help you to analyze your Country-by-Country figures in order to identify potential risks and work proactively to mitigate them.

With our Analytics tool you will be able to define your own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and set thresholds to utilize the system to find potential risks, or you can work with the reported Country-by-Country figures to identify areas of interest. The system is flexible and can easily be configured to monitor KPIs and thresholds of significance to your group. This will allow you to work proactively with the figures and to tailor the analysis to fit your organization’s needs.

KPIs and companies/countries breaking your defined thresholds will be presented on a dashboard, giving you a good overview of the situation within the group. Further analysis can be made using our calculation and filter tools, combined with many different charting possibilities available to visualize your data.

There are a number of charts to choose between:
[list icon=”star” color=”gray” position=”outside”]

  • Column charts
  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • XY charts
  • World map

Each chart is flexible and can combine different types of values and, where applicable, drill down to the lowest level.

The solution includes a number of functions which will facilitate your work and give you powerful analysis possibilities. For example, you may combine analysis of KPIs and what business activity a company has reported to identify risks for certain types of business activity, or you may follow the Effective Tax Rate (ETR) and its deviation from the statutory tax rate. The solution keeps track of historical data which allow you to follow risks over time and apply the correct basis for each year such as historical statutory tax rates.

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