Palantir to host webinar with Addedo

3 April, 2014

Seminar / Webinar

On April 24 Palantir will host a webinar on the Palantir Company Register together with the fast growing consultancy firm Addedo.

Palantir will present the many possibilities that the company register can offer to our customers. We will focus on how to efficiently collect data from subsidiaries all around the world and how to make it easily searchable. In addition, Palantir will show how the quality of your data can be significantly increased with our data structuring process and automatic cross-checks. Finally we will show our report function and the automatic production of graphical ownership structures.

If you work in a head-office function that is responsible for legal entity data, contracts, board composition or the legal ownership structure you will most likely find it very interesting to hear more about the Palantir company register.

Do not miss the opportunity to find out how Palantir can facilitate your work. To attend the webinar please contact by the latest on April 16. To find out more about Addedo please visit