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Palantir launches new website and logotype

9 August, 2013


The new website of Palantir Systems AB (Palantir) went live on August 9, 2013. In connection with the launch of the website Palantir introduced a new logotype.

Ulf Lilja, the CEO of Palantir, commented:

We now have a brand new website with detailed information of our product offering. With our new website we hope to highlight all solutions that we can offer to our existing customers and to potential new customers. Palantir also has new products under development and the website will serve as an excellent tool to promote both new and existing products.

The website includes information and pictures of our Company Register, -a system which helps to organize your entity related data, and our Corporate Tax System, -a system which helps to consolidate and optimize taxes. It also includes information on our Journal System, which enhances the management and posting of journals to your group consolidation system.