New feature launch from Blika: A flexible Data Collection Module

14 January, 2022

Blika Platform

Blika launches a flexible data collection module on its platform to support customers in building their own data collection forms.

”This new module will add significant value to the platform as a whole as it increases the options available for our customers and provides them with the possibility to tailor data collection forms. Since the module is an integral part of the platform, you increase the effectiveness of the module and can set up processes with workflows tailored for each customer,” says Peter Öhling Ekenstierna, the CEO of Blika.

Blika now launches a new module to their Tax and Legal platform that will increase the options available for a customer to set up a questionnaire and fill it with data collection points such as text, figures, multi choices, or document collection.

The module enables several departments to set up their forms and work simultaneously without seeing each other’s data or forms. In addition, the module is integrated with the Blika platform to facilitate automation by, e.g., utilizing entity data and structures and established reporting collectives. Examples of forms that a customer can set up are transfer pricing data, self-assessments, risk assessments, or general data collection.

The module will be available from mid-February.

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