Mandatory disclosure DAC 6 – different stakeholder needs

23 April, 2021


Mandatory disclosure reporting DAC 6 has been running since the start of the year in most countries within the EU and some countries a bit longer. We see increasing pressure from external and internal stakeholders that companies need to show that they have a robust process for managing mandatory disclosure reporting.

We have identified some requirements such as the need for a practical and straightforward internal process, both at a central level and in some cases for local reporters, assigning clear roles and responsibilities, help with local filing, and meeting the requirements from auditors to show that you have a robust process in place.

Countries outside of the EU have or are in the process of introducing mandatory disclosure reporting. As awareness increase, there may be further pressure for transparency, and additional stakeholders may show interest in mandatory disclosure reporting.

Blika can provide you with a solution to meet your obligations by quickly implementing a practical and tested solution that already serves customers from many countries.

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