What is it all about?
Legal entity management

We help you keep track of your legal ownership structure over time

What is it all about

Many head office functions have a need of updated entity information and legal ownership structure in their work. Without a system solution and a process for updating this information, it is difficult to collect and keep track of the information over time. Since this information concerns many head office functions, you ideally would like to have one source of truth for this type of information which could easily be accessed and used by several departments in order to save time, increase quality and avoid work being done twice.

How you do it

How do you do it


The global entity management solution which keeps track of all entities and entity related information. If you need to have a better overview of your legal entities, the system will not only make a legal tree but will also automatically visualize your structure in a chart with extensive formatting possibilities.


You can with the click of a button view your historical legal structure at any specific date. Other information concerning entities is also collected as part of the legal entity module. In addition, if you wish to collect and structure information that is not standard, it could easily be added as a customization to meet your specific requirements.

There are many transactions that affect a shareholding and the legal ownership structure that the solution can help you to keep track of. These transactions carry a lot of information that is important to keep track of such as changes to your ownership structure, book values, changes in numbers of shares and voting power. In addition, you have to keep track of the documentation that is connected to each transaction. This information is essential in order to find historical data, e.g. for filing purposes.

Entity information – a common data collection process

A cost-efficient approach is when two or more departments work together in the platform, such as the legal and tax departments. In this way they can share the base data that both need in their work, such as the legal entity structure and related entity information. By working in the same solution, you will avoid work being done twice and increase quality since more people will review your data.

The access rights setup is sophisticated and allows for the assignment of responsibilities per type of information.  Thus, data which is purely used by one department, such as legal or tax, would only be visible to editors for that department. There are a number of specific modules which support both the legal and tax departments.

legal entity management

legal entity management

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Automatically create customizable charts of the legal ownership structure or the operational structure

Our solution has an add-on to Microsoft Visio that makes it possible to extract ownership data from the database. From this data it is possible to select the companies and ownership structure you would like to draw up and have the Visio add-in automatically draw it for you.

The chart is highly customizable and allows you to fine tune the drawing both in terms of what is shown and how it is formatted. Examples of this could be to exclude dormant entities, to change the colors to match your organizations’ brand profile, to add comments for a specific company or to show what division each entity belongs to.

It is possible to include complex ownership structures, e.g. cross-ownerships, part ownerships, indirect ownerships, branches, joint ventures and several other entity types, for many hundreds of entities at the same time.

The chart module will allow you to make the charts directly accessible via the web-based solution, which enables users without Visio to view the charts. Users with access rights to view the entities in the charts will then be able to view the relevant charts.



Quality of data is of great importance. Our solution has many built-in functions to increase quality and ensure that you are in control of the entire process. Furthermore, data can be collected at the source which secures the accuracy of the input.



Our solution is for everyone! With a flexible solution you can adapt to the needs of different organizations. The modular approach together with configuration and customization possibilities allows you to get a solution that is relevant for you.


User friendly

A good user experience is key in our solution. We help both editors and process owners by providing simple and clear processes and functions to minimize administration. Our interface is simple to use and the same structure is recurring throughout all modules.


Cost efficient

As everyone has been assigned with roles and responsibilities with tasks to perform, your organization will save a lot of time by automating the data collection process. The collected data is always up to date which avoids work being done twice.

Legal entity management

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