As a part of the implementation process, Blika will be able to offer a number of services to make it easy for you to start using the platform.

As a first step with a new customer, we support you with finding best practice, efficient and secure processes for collecting and structuring your data with the support of our solution. We draw from our experience working with many different multinationals for over 30 years.

In connection with the implementation of one of our products, you may want to transfer existing data from other sources to the Blika database. This could be data from other databases, from Excel files or from other types of software.

Blika will be able to help you convert this data and populate the database as a part of an implementation process. This could include users, entity data, figures or other structured data. Blika will also be able to help you to cross-check the information to sort out duplicates or inconsistencies in the converted data.