How a tax technology solution could support a tax function

12 November, 2021

Seminar / Webinar

If you are responsible for taxes in a multinational group, you will most certainly have thought about how a tax technology solution could support your tax function. In most organizations, a partial digitalization of the tax department has already started with implementing and using specific solutions to solve specific tasks in certain areas. However, in most cases, these organizations have not introduced an overall tax digitalization project that generally supports the tax function.

Together with TPA Global, Blika hosted the webinar Tax management for multinationals. In this webinar, Blika’s CEO, Peter Öhling Ekenstierna, and COO, Lennart Svantesson, discussed what an infrastructure for tax digitalization should comprise and presented examples of best practice processes.

Key highlights:

  • The strength of an integrated infrastructure
  • Building stones of the infrastructure

Flexible processes and management of users

  • How a sound infrastructure will help you to set up more efficient processes that are adapted to your organization
  • How to manage your tax and shadow function in an integrated solution

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