Gunnar Sjöberg joins Palantir

Gunnar Sjöberg – joins the Blika management team

11 September, 2018


Gunnar Sjöberg, former Head of Tax of Scania and ASSA ABLOY, joins Blika as Chief Commercial Officer. He is a part of the company management and will work with sales to large multinationals. Gunnar Sjöberg has experienced the rapid digitalization of modern tax departments and believes that systems, such as Blika, are crucial to delivering the right information in time to tax authorities around the world.

“A huge amount of information is required to develop the information required by the authorities. It must be digitalized and performed with a sufficient process,”
says Gunnar Sjöberg.

With his extensive experience as Head of Tax for global groups, Gunnar Sjöberg has seen a development where the regulations in the tax area increase, entailing that the authorities require increasingly detailed tax information. This, he knows, is impossible to deliver with manual processes.

A tax department needs a system and a process that continually collects and structures all information required by the authorities today. When this information exists, the tax department has a fantastic opportunity to analyze all data from the company viewpoint.

Imagine that the company group has several hundred subsidiaries in its structure – which are subject to change through acquisitions, liquidations, and disposals – and a number of processes connected to the companies that need to be managed continuously. Then a system is required that continuously keeps track of, for example, ownership, whether the company is active, who is on the board of directors, who are the authorized signatories, as well as a clear structure of reporters to gather necessary information needed to ensure that the processes work. I believe that digitalization is changing the tax business and Blika is there in the right position.
As a former client of Blika, Gunnar Sjöberg has taken note of today’s requirements for a tax department to be able to provide the company management with the right information for decisions.

“To give the company management correct advice regarding tax risks, tax accounting, or how a new regulation in a country affects the company’s effective tax rate, an automatized process is required for gathering and processing information. Without that, you will be blind,” says Gunnar Sjöberg.

About Blika
Blika’s platform and services help large multinational companies to manage head office data making sure compliance is guaranteed. The company was established in 1989 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.