What is it all about?
Data collection

Find and gather data for specific purposes

What is it all about

In every function there is a need to gather different information on a current basis. This is normally handled by using email and Excel, which is inefficient and the quality of the data received is often low and hard to consolidate. Furthermore, the same data is often gathered by several functions and used in different ways without any coordination.

How you do it

How do you do it

In our data collection module you can create a questionnaire to gather different types of information such as transactions, figures, assessments and documents. The module can be used by all in-house functions in all areas. When you have gathered the information, with support of our reporting workflow you can create reports with data gathered not only in that specific data collection process, but also with data gathered in other modules or other data collection processes.

This means that you only need to gather data once and can then use it for multiple reporting purposes. The gathered data can be analyzed in tables, separate reports or transferred to a separate analysis or compliance tool.





Quality of data is of great importance. Our solution has many in-built functions to increase quality and ensure that you are in control of the entire process. Furthermore, data can be collected at the source which secures the accuracy of the input.



Our solution is for everyone! With a flexible solution you can adapt to the needs of different organizations. The modular approach together with configuration and customization possibilities allows you to get a solution that is relevant for you.


User friendly

A good user experience is key in our solution. We help both editors and process owners by providing simple and clear processes and functions to minimize administration. Our interface is simple to use and the same structure is recurring throughout all modules.


Cost efficient

As everyone has been assigned with roles and responsibilities with tasks to perform, your organization will save a lot of time by automating the data collection process. The collected data is always up to date which avoids work being done twice.

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