What is it all about?
Contract lifecycle management

We help you store and monitor your contracts

What is it all about

A multinational group may have large numbers of contracts in force in many different subsidiaries. Often there is a need to monitor these contracts and be notified about actions or decisions to be taken regarding them. There is often a special need from a specific group function to keep track of certain contracts for compliance purposes, or from a procurement department which could, with the help of a group contract management solution, easily collect aggregated contract values with an external supplier to be used in negotiating discounts.

Contract management – a process from drafting to monitoring and archiving

How you do it

How do you do it

The contract management solution will allow you to get control of your contracts. This means that Blika will help you to migrate your existing contracts into the solution and set up an efficient process to work with new contracts or specific needs. This could be to set up a process for specific contracts, such as leasing contracts under IFRS 16 where you need to keep track of changes to existing contracts and add new contracts in order to get the basis for the IFRS 16 calculations.

The Blika solution will provide you with a tool to effectively monitor your contracts in detail and automatically notify the responsible person(s) for each contract on actions to be taken. In addition, you have many functionalities to effectively work with large amounts of changing data. Examples of this could be notifications of contracts which are still in force in entities which are made dormant or the relation between different contracts or which contracts have replaced old agreements.


Functions for contract management

  • Allow every subsidiary within the company group to automatically get their own contract management solution.
  • Automatic notifications of actions to be taken.
  • Advanced action right system.
  • Calendar function for easy overview.
  • Advanced search due to integration with the Blika platform.


Contract management – for different departments

  • Grant access to people in many different ways and restrict access per type of contract and security level clearance.
  • Several departments can work in the contract management solution but they will only see and have access to their own contracts.
  • Aggregate information such as contract values if there is a need to get a full overview for the group.
  • Each entity within the group will have access to their own contract management solution where they will be able to work with and view only their own contracts.



Quality of data is of great importance. Our solution has many in-built functions to increase quality and ensure that you are in control of the entire process. Furthermore, data can be collected at the source which secures the accuracy of the input.



Our solution is for everyone! With a flexible solution you can adapt to the needs of different organizations. The modular approach together with configuration and customization possibilities allows you to get a solution that is relevant for you.


User friendly

A good user experience is key in our solution. We help both editors and process owners by providing simple and clear processes and functions to minimize administration. Our interface is simple to use and the same structure is recurring throughout all modules.


Cost efficient

As everyone has been assigned with roles and responsibilities with tasks to perform, your organization will save a lot of time by automating the data collection process. The collected data is always up to date which avoids work being done twice.

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