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The key to succeeding with digitalization is good digital infrastructure

– Why there is a need for a comprehensive approach to getting control of unstructured data

The compliance burden increases for many head-office departments such as legal, tax, finance, and treasury. They need to collect and structure both text, documents, and figures and track how data changes over time to meet their compliance and transparency obligations. Compliance is not an easy task when data often needs to be collected from many different places and systems all over the group. Also, data often needs to be structured around the legal ownership structure and be filed in specific filing formats with authorities.

The above-described challenges put a lot of pressure on your organization since it can not rely on regular financial reporting to complete its tasks. Instead, they increasingly need to build up their reporting organization and systems to handle their data efficiently.

Many times, several departments use the same primary data in their different compliance processes. Thus, the department responsible for each type of required data must deliver it in the format and structure needed by another department to achieve efficiency, minimize manual work, and avoid double-entry data.

Blika provides the digital infrastructure to achieve efficiency, increase quality and automate much of your work. The solution is the starting point for your digitalization journey – the basics integrated into one place. With Blika as a partner, you work with an experienced solution provider that continuously develops new easy-to-implement modules to meet your requirements.  Get started quickly with standardized modules that have been developed for more than 30 years in cooperation with multinational companies worldwide. You decide when to scale up with new modules and take more advantage of the knowledge contained in the platform.

For a CFO it is important to secure that information made public is correct and reported coherently in different compliance filings.

How to digitalize Tax, Legal and other head office functions

Our modules contain more than 30 years worth of knowledge; check them out

The Blika platform is the starting point for setting up your digital infrastructure and digitalize your workflows. By using our platform, you will increase automation and efficiency. You collect data only once but can then reuse it as many times as needed and share it across departments without any extra effort. Blika’s modules include pre-built processes to ensure that data gets structured in the format each of your departments requires it. Starting your digitalization is simple – add one module, to begin with, or choose all; it is up to you.

  • All departments
  • Tax management
  • Transfer pricing
Entity management
Directors & Officers
Legal structure & charting
Operational control
Contract management
Legal risk
Tax Risk/Ifric 23
Filing tracker
Mandatory disclosure
Country by country reporting
Transfer pricing
Pillar 2
Entity documents
Document generator
Customized data collection

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