Lessons learned from implementing a process for MDR reporting
4 December, 2020 | Tax management

Lessons learned from implementing a process for MDR reporting

In this article we will share experiences from implementing a process for Mandatory disclosure-reporting. In January 2021, the reporting of arrangements under the Mandatory Disclosure Regulations (MDR) comes into force in most EU countries (countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria and Finland have already started the reporting). Is your company in the process of deciding […]

Legal entity management
28 May, 2020 | Tax management

DAC 6 – valuable insights to consider when you set up your process

DAC 6 filing will likely be postponed until October 2020. This may give you some more time to fine tune your process to manage DAC 6 and make sure your group is compliant and to avoid heavy fines. The number of arrangements that will be filed may vary a lot from group to group but […]

4 May, 2020 | Tax management

DAC 6 – the benefits of avoiding questionnaires

When you implement a process to identify and collect information on your arrangements and potential arrangements for review and potential filing, you face a number of challenges. One is that you may need to collect information on arrangements from different departments and from local reporters. This within a tight 30-day rolling deadline. Many multinationals and […]

legal entity management
17 September, 2019 | Tax management

A guide for implementing an MDR (DAC6) solution

When you have established that you as a multinational or an intermediary have reportable arrangements under the mandatory disclosure regime (DAC 6), you need to put a process in place to identify and collect arrangements and consider what system solution you need in order to manage the reporting. This article will give you some insights […]