Blika’s new module: Document generator automates document creation for all entities

5 May, 2021

Blika Platform

Many groups spend a lot of time populating standardized documents with information available in an entity management solution. Suppose you have a standard template that you would like to complete with the same information types for many entities. In that case, you could save time and increase the quality by automatically creating the document for all entities using a document generator that retrieve the desired information from your database.

Examples of such documents could be the annual general meeting protocol, letter of resignation, or share certificate created for a select number of entities for a date of your choice. With Blika, you can automatically populate the missing information, e.g., owners, company name, board members, and document number, with the click of a button. The Document generator will automatically create the document for each entity using data reviewed data to ensure high quality. You have the option to apply advanced settings when creating your documents.

With the Document generator, you can use templates centrally or allow templates to be used and controlled locally in each jurisdiction to increase the benefit for the local people. Each jurisdiction will be in control of its documents and can create them when needed themselves.

Read more about Blika’s solution and how the Document generator can help your department.