Peter Öhling CEO of Blika

Blika’s CEO: ”Corporation’s have only just begun their tax and legal digitalization journey”

24 August, 2021


Peter Öhling Ekenstierna, CEO of Blika since 2020, has worked at global corporations such as Fortum and Securitas and is well versed in what challenges they face to stay competitive. And he is more than excited about the company’s future. Here he talks about the future of the company and the key to success.

Blika offers a unique way of combining the digitalization of big corporations’ tax, and legal departments, which is sorely needed as the amount of data companies must handle is constantly increasing, as well as the demand for automation. Companies need ways to efficiently and easily collect and structure data, to stay ahead of the curve and grow. And this is where Blika excels.

How would you describe Blika’s position on the market?

“We continue to grow each year and see no end to it. Big corporations have just begun digitalizing their business within tax and legal. This development is further strengthened by increased compliance legislation, which puts pressure on companies to structure and gather data.

Most companies have much to gain by automation. They often have slimmed down tax and legal departments – and by freeing up man-hours and resources, they can shift to more high-value jobs like analysis and complex tasks.”

Could you tell us about Blika’s offer, what’s the edge?

“Our unique approach to creating a high degree of automation by combining legal and/or tax processes. Once the data is entered into the platform, it is immediately integrated, structured, and available to the correct department. This functionality means that the entire organization works with the same basic data but in different ways, and the data is available for the users the way they need it. This integration eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

The platform itself is comprised of a base of modules with different types of compliance support. Companies can easily add new modules and get the benefit of gathered data from previous work. Our solution is very flexible and can meet the demands of most global enterprises, no matter the industry or country of origin.”

Lennart Svantesson by his desk and Peter Öhling standing beside. Blika

Lennart Svantesson, COO, and Peter Öhling, CEO, Blika.

What is the future market like?

“It is expanding. The number of regulations and compliance laws will increase, strengthening the demand for solutions like ours.

Our efforts are currently focused on but are not limited to Europe. We supply a global solution, adapted for global companies, and we will continue to develop and improve the platform with that in mind.”

Are there any significant changes companies should be prepared for in the coming future?

“Something that may well enter into force in the EU is the Public Country by Country Reporting. Companies are already reporting, but the numbers have not been made public, something that could change. Having reports made public puts an even higher demand on efficient data gathering and analyzis to present the information correctly and clearly.

Concerning Blika as a company, we are right now focused on improving the user interface and creating a more user-friendly experience to make it even easier to gather, structure, and analyze data.”

What is Blika looking for in new employees?

“A willingness to see challenges from the perspective of the client and always trying to find new ways of improving how the clients work. Our clients work in endlessly evolving sectors that require us to perform new tasks and solve new problems. We love to work closely with our clients and solve challenges together. That way, our customers get the best results.”