BEPS 13: Country by Country

Are you ready for Country-by-Country reporting?

15 November, 2016

Blika Platform

With the forthcoming requirement to report CbC data to tax authorities in OECD and G20 countries, it is important to make sure you have proper systems in place to help you. Palantir has developed a cloud based solution which will give you a tool to solve your reporting and analysis requirements efficiently.

Palantir provides you with an efficient and customizable solution with a modular approach to maximize flexibility. This gives you the option to enable only the modules which will help you in your work and build a solution free from superfluous distractions.

Our BEPS 13 / Transfer pricing solution will give you a tool for collecting, structuring, analysing, and presenting all your transfer pricing and BEPS 13 related documents and figures, stored in one place, with you in control. Administration requirements are minimized,  and data entry and review are streamlined with efficient capture and search functions.

The solution has a number of available options for importing data from your accounting systems, Excel files or other data sources. Populating Palantir with source data is very quick and easy even when you have advanced requirements.

The Palantir solution includes support for:
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  • Country-by-Country reporting
  • Business activity reporting
  • Local/Master file management
  • Transactions management
  • Documents management
  • OECD-Compliant XML file production
  • Entity management
  • Currency conversion
  • Effective user management
  • Flexible Access control
  • Risk Analytics
  • Charting
  • Legislation database

Our solution is easy to implement and roll out throughout the organization. You can effortlessly scale up to include add-on modules outside of the Transfer Pricing domain, such as Tax exposure reporting, Tax Compliance management or a full Company Register. Palantir normally integrates our solution with your other systems to avoid double entry of data.

BEPS 13 Analytics tool

BEPS Analytics Dashboard

Our Analytics add-on module will help you to analyse your Country-by-Country figures in order to identify potential risks and work proactively to mitigate them. You will be able to define your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and set thresholds to utilize the system to find potential risks. You can also work with the reported Country-by-Country figures to identify areas of interest and present them in various charts and graphs.

The solution includes a number of functions which will facilitate your work and give you powerful analytical possibilities. Combine analysis of KPIs and what business activity a company has reported to identify risks for certain types of business activity, or follow the Effective Tax Rate (ETR) and its deviation from the statutory tax rate. Our solution keeps track of historical data which allow you to follow risks over time and apply the correct basis for each year (such as historical statutory tax rates).

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