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We are Blika

– a leading provider of software for head office functions

Flexible and time saving solutions for tax & legal departments

Since 1989 Blika (formerly Palantir) has been a leading provider of software for the head office functions of large multinationals. This includes the tax & legal departments which use our flexible and time saving solutions to stay compliant, maximize efficiency and increase quality in their daily work.

Blika is dedicated to serving the information needs of large and medium sized groups. This is achieved by providing systems for the collection, sorting, storing, analyzing and presentation of tax, legal, financial and related information, in a structured and searchable way.

Blika has gained extensive knowledge from developing tax and legal solutions for large corporations for more than 30 years. This includes our legal entity management solution, a journal system for group accounting and our global tax provision software among others.

The next generation solutions to digitalize head office functions

During recent years Blika has become fully cloud based and has launched the next generation solutions to digitalize head office functions.

Our new generation is a scalable platform utilizing the latest technology where our customers can start with version 1.0 and easily scale up their digitalization from there. As our solutions are modular based, you only need to learn one module in order to understand them all, and all head office departments can work in the same platform to avoid double entry of data and increase quality from working with the same base.

The digitalization of head office functions is something that is picking up speed rapidly. This has increased the growth of Blika and we are now expanding globally. Blika currently has customers in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia. Our aim is to continue this growth and firmly establish Blika as the leading provider of head office technology combining legal tech, finance tech and tax tech, a combination which creates a powerful solution.

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We are Blika

Stockholm office

The management team

Peter Ohling
Chief Executive Officer

Peter has the daily responsibility for the growth of Blika, the continued development of the products and the international expansion. Before joining Blika he held various positions within group accounting, accounting and tax at several large cap groups. Peter has a Master’s degree in Commercial Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
+46 72 512 91 97

Gunnar Sjöberg
Head of business development 

Gunnar is responsible for developing the business model and supporting the organization in various matters. Before joining the company he was Head of Tax at ASSA ABLOY. Prior to that he was Head of Tax at Scania, worked at the Swedish tax authority and as a tax lawyer at PwC. Gunnar has a Master’s degree of Science in Business and Public Law.
+46 76 633 23 31

Lennart Svantesson
Chief Operating Officer

Lennart is responsible for commercial development and key account management in the company. Before joining Blika he was partner at PwC and Skeppsbron Skatt (TaxAnd) with focus on information management, tax and compliance. In his previous career he was a judge at the Swedish courts. Lennart has a Master’s degree in Law.

+46 70 486 77 76

Lennart Karlsson
Chief Technology Officer

Lennart is responsible for product development and is leading our technical department. Before joining Blika he held various positions at high tech companies such as Saab AB and Sectra AB. Starting his career within the IT Security field working with CA software and secure encrypted mobile communication, Lennart has had the opportunity to work in other fields such as real time surveillance and modelling systems for the nuclear industry. Lennart has studied Master of Computer Science and Engineering at Linköping Technical University.
+46 73 842 70 20

Outsourcing and support

Ida Ala
Head of outsourcing and support

Ida is responsible for staffing services and for developing Blika’s various training programs. She is also assisting in Blika’s international expansion, having extensive experience from studying and working in China and Japan. Ida speaks fluent Mandarin and Japanese, has a University Diploma in Export Sales and a Bachelor’s degree in Mandarin.