A new name and brand – the start of a global venture

18 February, 2019


A new brand with the same quality platform and services. Palantir Systems is now changing its name to Blika as a start of a venture to expand further into Europe and globally.

“Our platform is now ready to serve large multinational companies all over the world. I am convinced that Blika will be of great help for tax and legal managers to stay compliant to tax regulations,” says Peter Öhling, Head of Sales at Blika.

The expansion  follows a broad global trend of digitalization of both services and data. Tax and legal departments have generally been slow to adapt to this trend, but the digitalization of head-office data is now here to stay. That goes for large multinational companies in Europe and beyond, making it important to work with tools that structure this information around legal entities and automate what used to be manual and time-consuming processes.

The Blika name and logotype have been chosen to remind future customers of the company’s Swedish heritage.

“Swedish tech companies are delivering outstanding tech services to the whole world. Blika is now a part of this tech export which feels great,” says Peter Öhling.